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You're gonna get really wet.

For when heavy rain is expected:

It's gonna come hard and you're gonna get really wet.

Feisty , 23.02.2017, 22:04
Idea status: under consideration


KristiEville, 28.02.2017, 09:46
I like that: it's gunna come hard and you're gunna get really wet.

If you were looking to put that as your entire phrase but it wouldn't allow you that many characters, there's a way around it. I had that happen to one of mine. Just copy your full phrase thats typed out in your discription and then click the "change your idea" button. Next delete your partial phrase idea up top and then click and paste where your partial phrase was.
Lastly, you can either press enter from there, or you can change whatever else you want in the discription and then click on your whole phrase again and press enter. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing....

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